We Now Offer Hydrotherapy

THE brand new hydrotherapy suite which has recently been installed at Abbey Vets Dodworth Road practice involves the use of water to relieve discomfort and promote physical well-being.

A treadmill inside a tank of warm water is used to aid the rehabilitation of weak muscles and painful joints.

The joints can be unloaded using the waters buoyancy properties which allows for an increased range of motion in stiff and painful joints.

Abbey Vets recommends hydrotherapy for longer term benefits including:

Increase in joint range motion
Increase in muscle strength
Increase in muscle patterning and recruitment of muscles which will enable normal movement
Prevention of secondary complications
Improved cardiovascular fitness
Decrease in pain and inflammation
Earlier return to normal function
Reduction in frustration in dogs that are on reduced exercise
Slows progression of degenerative disease
Improves quality of life