Pet Health Club

Save money and pay monthly for your pet's essential preventative care with our Pet Health Club

Are you looking for a new, easy and cost effective way to spread the price of your pet’s essential healthcare over 12 months? Pet Health Clubs are an ideal way to save money while also ensuring your pet receives everything they could possible require.

Pet Health Clubs are not like pet insurance. They cover regular ongoing costs like vaccinations, parasite treatments, health checks and advice. Whether your pet is young or old, their Pet Health Plan will be designed specifically around their needs and requirements.

Here at Abbey Vets, we believe that a proactive approach to your pet’s healthcare is far better than waiting until your pet is vulnerable, ill or suffering to put things right. We want to make responsible pet ownership simple and affordable, which is why we have created a Pet Health Club for you.

Keep up to date with your pet’s vaccinations, flea, worm and parasite treatments by joining today. Your pet will also receive regular health checks which will allow our team of vets to diagnose any potential health issues – helping your pet to enjoy a long, comfortable life while you save money too.

The cost of our Pet Health Club starts from as little as £12.95 per month which can be paid by direct debit over 12 months. You will also receive discounts of various other treatments too.

Pet Health Clubs give you the reassurance of knowing that you are providing the best possible protection and care for the pet you love. For more information or to speak to a member of our team simply call 01226 242 217 today