Puppy Bites Off More Than She Can Chew


Kandii, a Yorkshire Terrier cross puppy, was rushed to Abbey Vets in Barnsley for an emergency operation to open her stomach and remove the silver hoop earring.

Vet Louise Mallinson said that Kandii could have died if her owner Margaret Heptinstall, from Ryhill, near Wakefield, had not acted as quickly as she did.

“The earring was too big to pass through the puppy and it also had a sharp spike on it which would have perforated her gut, so we had to open her stomach to remove the earring. This is fairly major surgery due to the complications that can arise but Kandii has now made a full recovery.”

“I’ve removed lots of things in the past that dogs have swallowed but this is the first time I’ve had to operate to take out jewellery,” she added.

Mrs Heptinstall said: “I was giving Kandii a cuddle when she snatched the earring out of my ear. She was so quick that I hardly felt a thing. I phoned the vets straight away and they told me to bring her in quickly. When we got there Kandii wasn’t showing any ill effects at all and was as playful as ever, but when the vet saw the X-ray she knew that Kandii was in serious danger if the earring wasn’t removed quickly.”

Abbey Vets returned the earring to Mrs Heptinstall, who said: “I bought the earrings when I was on holiday in Greece and they are particular favourites of mine, but I am not taking any chances with Kandii, and I now only wear earrings that have safety fasteners.”

Issued by Phoenix Public Relations