Cat’s Brush With A Rose Bush Leaves Vets Amazed

Rory the ginger cat has amazed local vets by coming out unscathed after part of a rose bush went straight through his eye.

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Abbey Vets said it was a one in a hundred chance that the 10-month-old cat didn’t lose his eye after his brush with the bush.

His owner Sharon Worman, of Redbrook, Barnsley, said: “My son Carlo told me that Rory had returned home with a prickly stem in his eye but he wouldn’t let me see him because he knew I would be too upset. He took him straight to the vets where they were able to operate on him immediately and remove the stem, complete with thorns.”

“Rory was able to come home the same day and the vets gave us the piece of rose bush that they removed. He was very lucky to have had no lasting damage,” she added.

Tony Duffy, of Abbey Vets, said: “The stem went several centimetres into Rory’s eye but fortunately it went under the eyeball and lodged in the eye socket. If it had gone millimetres the other way, Rory could easily have lost his eye or damaged his tear duct but he appears to have made a full recovery.”

No-one saw how Rory came to have the rose stem in his eye but he is known for being a clumsy cat and the most likely explanation was that he was coming down from a tree when he fell into the rose and snapped the stem off as it went through his eye.