Cat With Horrific Burns is Adopted By Its Rescuers

A stray cat that was found in Rotherham with horrific burns to its face and neck is now making a good recovery after being adopted by the Denaby couple who found it.

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John Longley found the cat in the car park of Enterprise Rent A Car in Rotherham, where he works. He and his wife Diane took the cat to Abbey Vets in Barnsley where vet Melanie Spencer-Marshall first thought that its injuries were so bad that it would have to be put to sleep.

“She had dead or dying skin across her whole face and couldn’t see anything. Judging by the condition of the tissue, she must have been in that state for at least several days so it’s a miracle that she wasn’t run over or attacked by other animals. When I peeled back the skin I saw that she still had her eyes, although there is some scarring to the cornea, and her muscles were not damaged, so we could save her.”

Following an operation to clean her wounds the cat was able to go home with Mr and Mrs Longley. They have called her Kylie and she is now getting to know the couple’s 23 other cats (they are breeders) and their three dogs.

Mr Longley said: “She’s settling in well and some of her fur is starting to grow back. She seems really happy when you consider what she has been through.”

“No-one knows what happened to her but I think someone must have thrown boiling water over her. Even with those injuries it took me all day to catch her because she kept going into nearby undergrowth. I eventually managed to entice her out with food, which she could smell,” he added.